Our Multi-disciplinary transplant team

Management of ESLD and its multi-system effects is complex and requires the expertise of a group of health care professionals including several doctors and trained staff, who have special training and experience in transplantation.

  • Liver transplant surgeons
  • Transplant Hepatologists (liver physicians)
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Critical care specialists (ICU doctors)
  • Radiologists (diagnostic and interventional specialists)
  • Transplant coordinators
  • Operation theatre staff and nurses
  • ICU and ward staff and nurses
  • Blood bank personnel
  • Cardiologist
  • Pulmonologist (lung specialist)
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nutritionist and Dietician
  • Physiotherapists / Play therapists (for children)
  • Hematologist, Biochemist, Pathologist and Microbiologist

The transplant team will discuss between them all treatment options for each patient, help them choose the right treatment, and follow the best available practices and standards in health care.